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Let Your Data Do The Talking With SSB's Central Intelligence Analytics

Predictive Propensity & Capacity Modeling for Your Organization

Central Intelligence Analytics offers predictive modeling that scores your customers and ranks their likelihood and ability to renew, purchase more and donate.

Set Your Team Up For Success

There are only so many days until the next game, event, or deadline, so spend your time and resources where you can make a difference.

SSB's Central Intelligence Analytics' scores enable your team to be more efficient and strategic when engaging with your fans. Scores for each customer allow you to identify easy wins quickly and fence-sitters earlier so your team can maximize conversions. Your team doesn’t need to be engaging with the account that is 90% likely to renew when there are 3 accounts at 45% that could be saved.

Understand Which Actions Matter

Not every sports property is the same and the same is true for its fan base.

SSB’s Central Intelligence Analytics uses machine learning to understand which actions are more important for your fan base to accurately measure propensity and capacity with no bias. As time progresses, so does your predictive model, learning and weighting specific actions based on what matters for your fan base.

Focus on High-Value Opportunities

Central Intelligence Analytics helps your team prioritize buying, renewing and giving opportunities so you’re working smarter and getting higher conversions.

SSB’s Predictive Analytics model gives you the ability to target and segment based on propensity and capacity scores. Your team can also access them where they use need them: CRM, email, segmentation and reporting. This intelligence at your fingertips in the systems you use every day will make sure you are always aimed at the area with the highest potential impact.


“Since implementing SSB propensity scores, we were able to add several thousand accounts to our sales team’s daily efforts. Within weeks, we had dozens of purchases and over $50,000 worth of tickets sold. These are leads we wouldn’t have reached out to without the propensity modeling and these results feel like scoring an 80-yard touchdown!”

- Jimmy Bowen, University of Washington

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